Updates to the Aloft Alone system

The Aloft Alone system has been updated to include a different descending device that is not yet reflected in the videos and information sheet. More information about this is below. If you’d like to discuss this change further, please contact us by phone, email or contact form.

 In 2016, the Aloft Alone system was updated by swapping the “GriGri2” (a Petzl belay device) with the “CT Sparrow”, made by Climbing Technologies. In essence they both do the same job; the set up is the same and the operation very similar. The Sparrow is still hands free at any stage but it is designed with two functions that make it superior to the GriGri2 for our purposes: (a) there is a ‘panic’ handle operation built in that is useful in descent-mode (i.e. if you go too fast or yank down on the handle, you simply ‘stop’) and (b) the way in which the Sparrow is loaded gives you better control as you descend.

All Aloft Alone systems that are now purchased include this upgrade but we’re still in the process of updating the accompanying video and instruction sheet, which currently still show the GriGri2. There is, however, an instruction manual provided with the Sparrow device itself which is very clear and between the two (the instruction sheet and the Climbing technologies instruction manual) you should be able to easily figure it out. The kit also comes pre-built and we’re always happy to answer any queries, should you have them.