Solo Sailor – Solo Climber Laura Dekker

Over the last few weeks I have met with and got to know a great young sailor, who is a just a little bit special, being Laura Dekker: the youngest person to have ever sailed around the world. Laura gained world renown after completing her solo circumnavigation of 123 days still at the age of 16.

Laura Climbing        Laura up her mast

Over time Laura and I have become pretty good mates and it didn’t take too long before we got talking about the Aloft Alone setup and how, when sailing solo, she gets up and down her own mast. She was already familiar with the principal of climbing a rope and so after about ten minutes of us clambering around her rigging and playing with the gear she had it sussed. The Aloft Alone kit now lives permanently aboard ‘Guppy’. (Guppy, her boat, is a 38ft ketch.)

Laura has been kind enough to give me a write up on her website, where she says:

Andy offered me one of his kits to try out and see what I thought of it. Well… I think it’s awesome! I wish I would have had this one instead of the climbing gear I had on my circumnavigation, but I sure will enjoy it a lot now as well. So, Andy, thanks a lot for this great kit. I wish you a lot of success with it ..”





Thanks Laura!

Climb Safe


        Getting dark, just in time to change the anchor light...      Youngest