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Friends in high places

A recent photo of Christina Schaeffer climbing her yacht’s mast ‘S/V Zephyrus’ using the Aloft Alone system. On board they have wire halyards so it was a very simple decision to set up mast climbing using the kit. Soenke is a climber as well so he has added a few bits of gear himself noticeably […]


Auckland boat show 2013

The boat show opened today with a flurry of activity Anthony ‘Ant’ Schellens and I climbed the mast over 30 times each and roughly 15 people tried the system out for themselves not to mention a lot of talking. Most importantly  we have had a very positive response from everyone who came to look at […]

Prusik loop

Product Update

There have been two changes since the youtube video (shown in the previous post). The prusik loop is now a stitched 6mm loop with certification and a strength rating – 6mm prusik 7.5kn EN564. The tape sling for attachment to the mast is a 25mm wide adjustable sling with reinforced eyes stitched into the ends […]

Welcome to Aloft Alone

Welcome to Aloft Alone – the mast climbing system that won’t let you down… until you want it to. Every year people die or are injured due to falling off a mast. The Aloft Alone system has been developed, based on well-tested techniques climbing and caving techniques, to enable sailors to safely and efficiently climb […]