Are you a sailor who understands the need for self-reliance?

Aloft alone solo mast climbing equipmentAloft Alone is a simple and elegant system that won’t let you down – until you want it to. It is also the most professional way to climb your mast .

The Aloft Alone system is perfect if you are a:

  • Racer: only one crew person required to go up and down a mast, quickly, safely, and efficiently.
  • Cruiser: self reliance no need to depend on someone to winch you up, wait at the bottom, and lower you down while you inspect and fix equipment
  • Solo sailor: the right way to safely ascend and descend if you’re on your own.
  • Recreational sailor: the way to always be safe at sea – especially when learning or with new crew.
  • Commercial rigger: work independentlyno need to rely on colleagues or clients to winch you up the mast or bring you back down.
  • Any boat owner concerned about safety at sea: ensure you’ll always be clipped on and connected to your vessel while ascending, working on, and descending, your mast.

How does Aloft Alone work?

Aloft Alone is the safest option for climbing your mast and it’s simple to use. The Aloft Alone kit includes rope, a climbers helmet, and a set of well-tested climbing equipment that is already assembled and attached to a comfortable harness so that you can get started quickly, and  climb and descend your mast the safe way. Learn more about the system

About the seller

Andy Whittaker is well qualified to be promoting the Aloft Alone system. He has over 15 years experience working as an industrial abseiler and his passion for climbing and sailing has taken him all over the world from the Orkney Islands in Scotland, to the South Orkneys in Antarctic waters, and across the Pacific …. Learn more about Andy

We are currently in the process of closing down Aloft Alone so that we can embark on new adventures…  the Aloft Alone kitbag has been really popular, and received great customer feedback, so please  get in touch if you are interested in buying this business. Otherwise, we hope you use this concept as inspiration to making sure you stay safe while aloft, alone.